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The black hat has always been a symbol.

From outlaws to royalty, the black hat has always been a symbol of innovation, rebellion, or influence. Worn by those who push boundaries, stood strong, and demanded change. Our founders, our team, and our products are worthy of that tradition. Are you?



When a small local distillery was on the brink of closing three business partners in the community came in and bought it up. Those partners were then faced with an extensive remodel, re-brand, and recipe creation. What you see today is a collaboration of people who are hungry for more and always looking to improve. 

Joe Koscove - President

Kim Immel - Head Distiller


We are what most would call "perfectionist" but that doesn't bother us one bit. While it might not make sense to some distilleries to import 100% blue agave nectar from 9th generation family farmers in Mexico in lieu of mass farmed agave, to us it was the only way. The same can be said for our rum which is made from blackstrap molasses and not high-fructose corn syrup. Or our brandy which is fresh pressed and fermented with wine yeast to create a crisp fruity body. Sure, we could have taken shortcuts but then the products wouldn't have been worthy of the Blackhat.

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