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Tantos Vodka

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Kris's Call Sign that was given to him on his first trip to Kabul, Afghanistan as a GRS operator. 


In remembrance of Kris's two GRS teammates "Rone" & "Bub" who lost their lives in the events that took place in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/2012


The hand sign that Kris used with Libyan forces that were friendlies. Heavily used in Benghazi and accurately portrayed in the movie 13 Hours.


Represents our Patriotism and Veteran status

Pablo Schreiber who portrays Kris Paranto in 13 Hours using the JAMBO hand signal.

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Refined by Rangers
Savored by Warriors.

From the rigorous training fields to the Middle East and beyond, Kris and Ben's path mirrored their commitment to service and excellence. The purity of Tanto Vodka resonates with the dedication instilled in Rangers – from their unwavering pursuit of perfection to the unbreakable bonds forged in adversity.

Tantos Vodka

Join The Brotherhood of Valor

Join us in celebrating the valor and unwavering determination that echoes through the halls of bravery. Become a part of the Tanto Vodka community, where every sip is a salute to the unbreakable spirit of those who stand strong in the face of adversity.

Our Commitment to Excellence

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